[DVD] Photographers and what it means to them

I would like to add this to my 'must see/check out movie/dvd'. I am always intrigued and inspired at some of the world photographers out there who are so passionate about what they do - and why they do it.. So thought this DVD might be interesting...
clipped from www.sanity.com.au
9/11; The Falling Man: PG

Released: Thu 7 Sep 06
Genre:General Interest - Documentary
$31.99 (incl GST)
It is one of the most unforgettable images from 9/11 - a photograph of a falling man, frozen in mid air, his body perfectly parallel with the twin towers of the World Trade Centre. The photo ran in newspapers across the world the following day and should have remained one of the defining images of that terrible event. Instead, it was quickly airbrushed out of history. Why?

The Falling Man tells the story of the photograph and all the 'jumpers' of 9/11. It follows the trail of the photographer who nearly lost his life shooting the image; of the citizens who decried it, arguing that it was sensational and exploitative; of the editors who published it and then reluctantly banned it; and of the journalist who committed himself to uncovering the falling man's identity.

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