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All about StickerBooks

  • Stickers are printed on high-quality, scratch-proof vinyl

  • Six stickers are printed per sheet.

  • There are 15 tear-out sheets

  • Each sticker is 22mm x 22mm

  • You can choose the colour of your StickerBook

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Things you can do with StickerBooks

  • Craft projects

  • Decoration

  • Gift wrapping

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Vital statistics

Width22 mm
Height22 mm
Pack size90 stickers
PaperScratchproof vinyl

StickerBooks: 90 Stickers - in a book!

$9.99 / €7.49 / £4.99

Up to 90 different high-quality vinyl stickers

  • 90 different stickers
    Use up to 90 full colour photographs or designs. Six designs per sheet.

  • 15 tear-out sheets
    Stickers are printed on individual tear-out sheets. Tear them out to share!

  • StickerBooks
    Choose from a selection of six colours for your own StickerBook.

StickerBooks! New! Awesome!

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