Largest Australian Surrealist Gallery Opens in Canberra

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Australian art collector Ray Wilson

The National Gallery in Canberra has opened a new exhibition of artwork donated by collectors Ray Wilson and the late James Agapitos.

The collection, which features works from some of Australia's most prominent surrealism artists, is valued at $6.6 million.

But most of the works were donated leaving the Gallery with a purchase price of only $2.5 million.

Director Ron Radford says he is extremely excited the collection has made its way to Canberra.

"So we've been able to acquire in one hit 285 works in all media with such great artists, Nolan and Gleeson, Tucker and so on," he said.

"It's a great achievement for us.

"It enables us to tell a much fuller story of Australian art."

The exhibition is the largest Australian surrealist collection ever assembled.

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