Sony unveils hand-powered digital camera

Sony has unveiled a prototype digital camera shaped like a pizza
cutter with a wheel that can be turned to generate enough power to
take pictures.

The "Twirl N' Take" camera generates enough electricity for one
snap if the the wheel is moved for some 15 seconds, according to a
Sony official.

A digital camera similar to those used in mobile phones is
installed in a handle attached to the wheel, which is equipped with
a power-generating device, she said.

Moving the wheel and taking pictures would appeal to children
but the company has no immediate plan to commercialise it, she

As the camera has no screen monitor, users must connect the
device to a computer to see their pictures.

The camera is the latest addition to Sony's "odo" line of
hand-powered prototypes aimed at raising environmental

Japan's electronics giant Sony employee Mariko Yamabe displays the world's first battery-less digital camera

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