Take part in a Channel [V] documentary about drugs

clipped from www.channelv.com.au

Channel [V] together with Reachout.com.au are producing a one hour documentary on Australian drug culture and how it impacts young people's lives, which is due to broadcast on Channel [V] in June 2008.

We are seeking young people (18 - 25) to take part and share their own opinions, knowledge and questions about this important issue.

We are looking for people who are willing to speak frankly and openly on camera about how drugs have affected their lives - whether they have had no contact with drugs, some or a lot. We are mainly looking to discuss Cannabis, Ecstasy, and amphetamine type substances (speed, ice etc).

If you would like to take part and share your story, please complete the form below and be honest as possible. You are under no obligation to take part and your privacy will be protected at all times. A representative from Channel [V] or Reachout.com.au will contact you to talk directly through the project in more detail.

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