[CREATIVE] Things to do with your photos

clipped from photojojo.com

Fotoclips are tiny clear plastic fasteners which serve one simple purpose in life: to help you build things with your photos. Each box comes with 110 clips: 100 "2D" clips that hold two photos together, and 10 "3D" clips that allow you to attach photos at an angle to other Fotoclips.

Take a box of Fotoclips and a pile of photos, and you've got all the ingredients you need to build a photo lampshade, a photo wall, a photo skirt, curvy durvy photo sculptures, pretty much anything you can dream up.

Get several boxes and build a room divider, or cover your room with photos, floor-to-ceiling. Or give a box to all your photo-loving friends. At just $10, they're easy and thoughtful gifts.

Fotoclips (110 pcs)

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