Ive been wanting a hoola hoop for years and years now. I cant see myself getting around to making one in the very near future.. just yet. But until then, im resourcing as much info - and i will keep asking for a hoola hoop as a birthday present each year, like i have now for near 2 years... Hmm maybe this year, i will get lucky!

Check out the clipped Hoola Hoop info below - cuz there's many great links and especially YouTube videos of people hoola'Hoopin - including some with glow in dark (LED) hoops and also the very spectacular fire hoops..
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The "Modern Day" Hula Hoop

If your memory of a hula hoop is a flimsy piece of plastic tubing, perhaps with a couple of beads inside it for sound and weight, make room for the new and improved hula hoop. Modern, heavy hula hoops are generally made of --

* heavy-duty irrigation tubing
* a connector piece
* electrical and/or gaffer tape

And, they are custom-made and often custom-designed to your color specs.

Sometimes these adult-size hoola hoops are weighted with water or beans to make them even heavier. Though, for many a hooper, the plastic and tape are enough to give the hoop sufficient weight. Why all the discussion about weight? Well, as a general rule, the heavier and larger a hoop is, the easier it is to use.

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