[PHOTOGRAPHY] Taking Photos at Events

I always say that when it comes to Event photography - we just gotta throw the rule book out the window - especially at Doofs - but still knowing some technical tips of the trade will help you get more quality shots - so you can have more time dancing..

Here's an article i found - that wouldnt hurt to read and i hope, learn . Click on the link beside the Clipmarks to take you to the full tutorial article at Popular Photography and Imaging

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clipped from www.popphoto.com

Secrets of Killer Concert Photos Revealed

A pro walks you through shooting live music in small- to medium-sized venues.

December 2006

What you should strive for in a live music photo is technical excellence, dramatic lighting, high-interest or key moments, and dynamic composition. While two of these elements often mean a sellable/publishable shot, with three you will have something that really stands out. Nailing all four is tough. But do it and you're onto a truly winning photograph. Don't let these criteria hold you back. Shoot if it looks or feels right. With practice, getting good live photos will become second nature. It also helps to be versatile in style, gear, and format to keep your shots from becoming stale. Sometimes shooting digital is the best choice (especially for press), and at other times black and white film may be the way to go. If shooting for a client, ask their preference beforehand.

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