MONSTERPOD - very cool tripod for small cameras!

This would be the ultimate doof tripod for cameras under 500grams (including batteries). Look at the places you can stick it on! Im gonna check on the weight on my smallest digital, and if its not over 560grams with batteries (hope so!) Im gonna get on of this..
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The Monsterpod

What is it? Only the coolest freaking, gravity-defying, mind-boggling tripod ever created! Monsterpod is a Viscoelastic Polymer-based tripod that's the stuff of science fiction. This marvel sticks to and peels right off just about anything.

Really, we mean anything. We tried this thing on brick walls, trees, marble, cement, steel, sheet rock, wire fences, metal poles, plate glass windows, upside down, in the heat, in the cold, on furniture, street lamps, and on a car. It sticks to over 1,000 things, and it's the closest thing to magic we've seen.

Just screw your camera (up to 20 ounces) onto the adjustable pivoting tripod mount, then use your hands to mold the Monsterpod to any surface or object. It'll hold its position from anywhere for 1-10 minutes (even longer, in our experience.) When you're finished, gently peel the little guy off. Dirt can simply be washed away with water!

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